Tournament BW CAP Tournament Won by Maxouille [AURUMOTH FREE]

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Neko no Ensekan
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Round 2​

Winners Bracket:
Da Pizza Man  vs  Piyush25
xxTermanato69  vs  Ainzcrad
 vs  SunMYSER
Rage.Spam.Quit.  vs  Sylvi
BigWashy  vs  RickyZainer
Fc  vs  pannu
yuramas  vs  Maxouille
 vs  velvet
Finalcrusader15  vs  D2TheW
 vs  Steam Buns
VoidOfDarknesss  vs zaydapoketrainer
JeoZ  vs  SHSP
Concept Everything
 vs  dex
Josepharas1  vs  Waldinji
Dj Breloominati♬  vs  TGA
 vs  Hys

Losers Bracket:
Wenderz  vs  seroo
skimmythegod  vs  ghostlike
Cyril tbh  vs  Charliezard7
Xr_Kartana  vs  Lasen
 vs  Atha
memedose46  vs  Longestbanana
Fragments  vs  halaman95
finbarfinbarfinbar  vs  Nalorium
Gravity Monkey  vs  Bye 2
Mr.Bossaru  vs  Bye 3
Amstan  vs  Bye 4
Samirsin  vs  Bye 5

Round 2 deadline is Monday, November 13th at 11:59pm EDT (GMT-4). I know some people in the brackets celebrate Diwali, so to accommodate for the holiday the round will be extended by 1 day.


If you’re interested in subbing into the losers bracket please let me know, this will be the last round that subs are accepted.
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Concept Everything

Neko no Ensekan
is a Pre-Contributor
Activity Wins:
RickyZainer v BigWashy
Finalcrusader15 v D2TheW
VoidOfDarknesss v zaydapoketrainer
Hys vs Shock3600
skimmythegod vs ghostlike

Spoo v velvet

finbarfinbarfinbar v Nalorium
Because of how late the contact was and with Smogon issues going on today I’ll extend this match as 24 hours isn’t a great margin for contact.

Wenderz v Seroo
Atha v Tanish
Fragments v Halaman

If a match was played and the results were not posted you have 24 hours from the new round being posted to post results and change the coinflip outcome.

New round will be up shortly.

Concept Everything

Neko no Ensekan
is a Pre-Contributor
Round 3 Losers Bracket
JeoZ  vs  Gravity Monkey
seroo  vs  Tanish
Fc  vs  Steam Buns
Finalcrusader15  vs  Amstan
 vs  BigWashy
halaman95  vs  Sylvi
Mr.Bossaru  vs  Hys
velvet vs  Samirsin
Dj Breloominati♬  vs  ghostlike
xxTermanato69  vs  Da Pizza Man
dex  vs  Charliezard7
VoidOfDarknesss  vs  Nalorium
Josepharas1  vs  Bye 1
Lasen  vs  Bye 2
memedose46  vs  Bye 3
yuramas  vs  Bye 4

Round 3 deadline is Monday, November 20th at 11:59pm (GMT-6). Round 3 extension deadline is Thursday, November 16th.


I’ll post current tournament usage stats after this week is completed.​
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